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Home Sweet Home!

May 24, 2008

Dear Loved Ones,

Thank you so much for all your love and concern and well-wishes. I continue to be here and happy because of your friendship, prayers and care. Thank you!!!

Yes, I’m home now and plan to stay here. No more trips to the hospital—no matter how good the Cozy Shack puddings may be! And pudding has been the name of the game these days. I guess those rascally doctors had to do a lot of work on and around my intestines so they’re a bit bruised and tangled. Not the happy campers that usually are screaming for more food. But, each day, my appetite and the workings get stronger and so does my energy level.

I have been amazed at how tired I am, though, and how much time I can log in the horizontal position. Remarkable, really. But not to fear, I’ve written 4 poems since I got home Sunday afternoon. (So there, big, bad C! You can’t stop me from ‘spressing myself.)

The appointment last week with the new oncologist, Dr. Stampleman in Salinas, was really constructive. She seems very knowledgeable and open-minded and supportive of my German immunotherapy treatment. She’s also looking into other ways to help me find a cure for this nasty disease.

I am hoping to start my vaccine treatments this coming Tuesday; as well as, the drug that Dr. Kübler recommends. I’ve just been waiting until I felt a little stronger and my digestion stabilized a bit.

In the midst of my melotrauma, my sister, Michelle, and her hubby, Brandon, had a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Maggie, in the same hospital on the floor below me! My niece Ella got to be there for her sister’s birth and even cut the umbilical cord. And, my brother, Brian and his wife, Meg, and my niece, Breegan all were here visiting from San Diego. So, there was quite a celebration this Mother’s Day. So much to be grateful and excited for, indeed!

You have all been so great to me, treating me like such a queen––especially Howard, and my family, and friends. I don’t know what I’d do without you all believing that we can get through this and somehow, always making me smile, making me see the humor and the hope in it all.

I love you so! And pray that you are healthy and happy and living your dreams,

PS It’s Howard’s 50th Birthday on Monday! Send him a virtual hug that day, OK? What a courageous and selfless love-bug, that one! I am so very fortunate.


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