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Kathleen’s surgery results

Dear friends – Thank you all for your emails, conversations, prayers, thoughts, and words. Please keep us in your hearts and minds. Here’s the latest as of Friday noon:

Kathleen is in good spirits and recovering smoothly from yesterday’s major surgery. She had a good night last night and is visiting with family and a couple of friends today. She will be in Dominican Hospital at least 2 more nights.

We now await the surgeon’s report and pathology report. What we know already from the surgery:

1) In addition to the large tumor on her ovary, there were other, small tumors near the large one along the intestine, as well as elsewhere in her abdomen (the surgeon said they were a few millimeters in size and called them “seedlings”).

2) As planned, they removed the large mass, the ovary, and the uterus. They also removed some lymph nodes and all the small tumors they could see, including those adhering to the intestine.

3) There did NOT appear to be any tumors inside her intestine, or growing on her uterus, bladder,or any other organ.

4) They did NOT have to cut into or remove the intestines or any organs besides the ovary and uterus. They are hopeful that the bladder and intestines will resume normal activity.

So there is some good news – it would be much worse if other organs had tumors. However, the rapid growth of the large tumor, and the appearance of tumors beyond the large one is of great concern.

Kathleen knows all of this. We remain hopeful that we can prevent recurrence! Kathleen has big plans for the future!

Our immediate plan is to support her recovery, resume the vaccine as soon as it arrives from Germany, and begin working with a nearby oncologist who treats several of the German doctor’s patients. We already have an appointment for 19 May.

Keep checking www.kathleenflowers.com for updates!


  1. shannongreene
    May 13th, 2008 at 07:07 | #1

    Dear Howard and Kathleen,
    Thank you so much for keeping us updated through this blog. We can’t help but think of Katalina when there are so many sweet rose
    roses blooming in the garden! We are sending thoughts of sweet, fragrant blooms your direction. Love Shannon, Lillian, Lowell
    and John.

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